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Superior strength
Paneltim® panels are light, yet solid and rigid making them ideal for fabricated constructions. The sandwich panels are just 51mm thick yet they are rigid in both length and width.

The internal cellular structure, with ribs of either 50 x 50mm or 50 x 100mm, gives the sheets superior strength. Fabrications made from Paneltim® panels require very little reinforcement compared with those made from solid materials.

A wide range of applications
Paneltim® panels are very stable both statically and dynamically and can be installed in a wide range of environments.

They are also ideal for corrosive environments and are completely resistant to practically all chemical substances. The panels are suitable for application in environments with temperatures of between –20 °C and +80 °C. In addition, the panels are impact resistant, scratch resistant and highly resistant to dynamic shocks.

Hermetically Sealed
The hermetically sealed internal cells provide exceptional insulating and acoustic properties and remain sealed in the event of a single-sided penetration or puncture.

The sealed cells and smooth surfaces repel dirt, moisture and aggressive chemicals making Paneltim® structures hygienic and easy to clean. There is no risk of internal condensation developing inside the sheets.

Environmentally responsible
Paneltim® panels are an environmentally friendly product manufactured from new and recycled polypropylene and polyethylene. The panels are fully recyclable without loss of original raw material qualities.

They are free of toxic substances and conform with European directive 200/09/EC.

Durable materials
Paneltim® panels show no ageing discolouration and no discolouration from contact with ammonia compared with other plastics.

UV stabilisation is available and fire retardant* can be added to improve flame resistance.
Once the panels are in place there is very little long-term maintenance.

Custom made & delivered
Paneltim® panels can be fabricated to specification. Standard sheets can be butt-welded together to create panels of almost unlimited dimensions. Sheets can be purchased singularly or in pack quantities of twenty (20). Delivery is available anywhere.

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